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MLB Blogs Photo Albums

Wow. I just encountered about the most frustrating blog tool ever.

Try to upload an album for MLB blogs. Just try. You can change the name of the pictures, put captions, put the location, and put the date. But can you change the order of your pictures? Not easily and not really. You can put your pictures in order of date taken (ascending), date taken (descending), or title. How are those options supposed to help?

I tried creating an album and change my picture names so they would go in order by title. Well, after 1 there was 10 instead of 2. So I changed my number 10 to be 20. You guessed it. After 2 there was 20. Changing the date taken options seems to have almost no effect at all. Why can’t MLB blogs just give us a template to shuffle them around like we can our side toolbar??