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I love it when you call me Big Papi

David Ortiz is in the house, and what a happy house it will be with him. How can you NOT like this guy? He comes off his best career year (.332 avg, 117 RBIs, 35 home runs, 149 games), where he was playing with a perpetually nagging knee injury, and is ecstatic to be back in Fort Myers. Papi is such a breath of fresh air in this day of narcissistic professional athletes. He never complains, has no mental and no steroid baggage, and always has the best smile. Except when you’re the opposing team’s pitcher. Then he just looks like a big, mean, hungry, ball eating gorilla.


Look at that Big Papi smile! Gosh, what a wimpy sized photo though. Hmmm. I should figure out how to beef it up.