Tito and Torre: Together at Last

Tito and Torre, long time friends, were able to show their true colors at last. Touching pictures, seriously. Somehow Joe Torre doesn’t look sinister and evil when he’s wearing Dodger blue. I got confused when I first logged on to watch the game. It said "Pitching: Lowe. At Bat: M. Ramirez." Wait a minute, don’t both those guys play for the same team? Oh yeah, Lowe plays for the Dodgers now. Can’t believe I had such a blond moment.

Today’s game: Wakefield was hot, relievers were NOT. How do you blow a three run lead in the top of the 9th? Oh, that’s right, allow a grand slam. That should do the trick. Good news is, this reliever is no one who will be even close to our major league roster. Gronkiewicz, you’d better be glad this game is spring training!


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